Location Gryfino - Park Przemysłowy

The Commune of Gryfino is located in the western part of the West Pomerania Voivodship within the Szczecin agglomeration and in the borderland zone. It’s special location is determined by the direct neighbourhood of Szczecin, as a large economic, cultural and scientific centre as well as short distance to Berlin. One of the most significant features of the geographical location of the commune is its communication accessibility. There are important road (A-6 motorway, S-3 express road, national road no. 31), railway and water communication channels crossing the commune and its direct neighbourhood. The location of the industrial terrains in the direct neighbourhood of the road node of the S-3 route is a key investment directed at the development of the Commune of Gryfino and, first and foremost, of the region.

Within the Regional Park in Gryfino, there have been over 160 ha of industrial terrains selected, out of which over 55 ha is a part of the Kostrzyń - Słubice Special Economic Zone terrains. The Commune of Gryfino provides full technical infrastructure development necessary for the functioning of the Regional Park in Gryfino. The Commune of Gryfino may provide attractive terrains with various functions necessary for the modern functioning of industrial parks.

In the vicinity of manufacture-service terrains in Gardno, there is a terrain reserve planned for residential and service functions. The qualities of the natural environment allow for the separation and providing of broad recreation terrains adjacent to the newly located manufacturing and residential-service functions.