Completion Gryfino - Park Przemysłowy


The project entitled ‘Development of infrastructure on the investment site of the Regional Park in Gryfino’ was completed with EU funding from the European Regional Development Fund within the 2007-2013 Regional Operational Programme for the Zachodniopomorskie Voivodeship.

Project total expenses:
PLN 35 428 904,06
Project total eligible expenses:
PLN 32 238 649,80
Amount of granted funds (50% of total eligible expenses):
PLN 16 119 324,90
Other expenses funding:
budget of Gryfino Commune
Project works:
February 2009 - October 2010 r.
Construction works:
STAGE I - 16 September 2010 – 16 July 2011
STAGE II - 4 May 2011 – 31 August 2012

The mission of the Regional Industrial Park is to consolidate and conjoin potentials of involvement in the process of its establishment and effective operation as well as to achieve a notable social and economic result embodied in the stimulation of regional entrepreneurship. It is assumed that the activity conducted by the Park will enable, among others, the stimulation of local and regional development contributing to:

the improvement of the social and economic potential of Gryfino Commune, Gryfino District and the Szczecin Metropolitan Area,
the local economic revival,
 the improvement of investment attractiveness,
 and the activation of the local community and creation of new workplaces.

As a result of the project completion, an exceptional investment area is being established, which is conductive to the development of entrepreneurship in environment-friendly conditions. The Regional Park in Gryfino is the third industrial park located in the proximity of Szczecin. The location of the industrial site in the immediate vicinity of the S-3 expressway acts as an additional magnet for investors, contributing to the improvement of the attractiveness of the region.

Within the scope of the stage I of the development of infrastructure on the investment site of the Regional Park in Gryfino, a pressure-type sanitary sewer main of 250 mm diameter running for approx. 6 km from Gryfino to Wełtyń was performed.

Within the scope of the stage II of the development of infrastructure on the investment site of the Regional Park in Gryfino, the following works were performed:

• reconstruction of the voivodeship road no. 120 with target traffic organization,
• construction of internal roads in the Gardno Zone,
• construction of rain drain system,
• construction of sanitary sewer system,
• construction of water supply system,
• reconstruction of the 15kV line,
• construction of the 15kV line supplying the zone,
• construction of the 15 kV line, the 0.4kV line and transformer stations at the zone area,
• redevelopment of telecommunications infrastructure,
• construction of fibre-optic lines for the monitoring and data transmission system,
• measurements and automated control of the sewage pumping station.