Infrastructure Gryfino - Park Przemysłowy


Important networks of road (the A-6 motorway, the S-3 expressway, and the national road no. 31), rail and waterway transport cross the Commune and its bordering area. The investment areas are located directly by the S-3 expressway exit. The distance from the A-6 motorway covers 10 km, from the railway line – 10 km, from the Goleniów Airport – 55 km, from the Berlin Airport - 150 km, and the Szczecin – Swinoujscie Seaports – 25 km.


Electricity (on site)
Voltage - 15 kV
Available capacity - 5 MW

Should the demand exceed 5 MW, additional power lines: 15 kV and 110 kV may be constructed. To provide electric power exceeding 5 MW, a medium voltage power transmission line from the Main Supply Station in Gryfino must be constructed. Maximum capacity - up to 60 MW.

Pipe diameter - 225 mm
Available capacity - 4600 m3/h

The expected total target gas demand will amount to 4600 m3/h. The first stage will comprise the construction of a gas pipeline of approx. 9.5 km running along the existing roads from the operating medium pressure gas pipeline DN 500 located on Sąsiedzka Street in Szczecin. The second stage will comprise a construction of an auxiliary gas pipeline from an additional source running from the existing gas pipeline in Stare Czarnowo, supplied by I degree station in Lipnik. At the Park area, two gas stations of Q - 3000 m3/h and 600 m3/h flow capacity rate, approx. 4-5 gas reduction and measurement points of Q - 60 m3/h flow capacity rate, and a gas network of total length of approx. 6 500 m are to be built.

Water (on site). Available capacity: 30l/s, Standard pressure – 0.4 Mpa

 Sewage discharge (on site). Available capacity – 500 m3/24h

Telephone (on site).

 Access roads - 7m wide 


 Motorway - 10 km

 Nearest national road - 1 km

 Sea and river ports - 25 km - The Szczecin-Swinoujscie Seaports

 Railway line - 10 km - at the area of Gryfino town

 Railway siding - 15 km - Nowe Czarnowo

Nearest international airport - Goleniów - 50 km

 Nearest international airport - Berlin - 150 km

Nearest voivodeship capital - Szczecin - 25 km


Gryfino (town) - 20 945

 Gryfino Commune - 31 226

 Gryfino district - 83 386

Szczecin (city) - 386 867

Szczecin Metropolitan Area - 636 145